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Our company is operating in the private investigations business for more than 15 years. During our presence in this market we created a German-wide network of professionals giving us the possibility to provide wide range and high quality services for our clients. We are the dynamic and developing agency having a long experience not only with German but also with international clients. As a result, at the moment we are able to communicate with our clients in five different languages.

Detective Agency Tonn is well recognised in Germany and is the member of World Association of Detectives. As a result, we are a solid and reliable partner for the private and business clients who need the private investigator services in Germany. In case of individual needs we also work outside Germany.

In our work we use the high quality modern devices such as cameras or GPS-systems. We are willing to provide our clients with the constant update about the investigation using not only email or phone communication, but also WhatsApp, Viber, Skype etc. to make the communication as simple and quick as possible.

Experienced professionals

We Have

High quality

Using our experience and knowledge we have created the network of the best investigators and specialist in Germany helping us to guarantee the high quality of services provided for our clients.

Safety first

Safety is one of our main priorities. Our aim is to secure the identity of our clients and keep the investigation discrete. In case we see that the investigation may be revealed, we break it and prepare the new action plan.

Personal solutions

Each case is different. As a result, we are aiming to find the best solution in each situation providing us the opportunity to deliver the best possible results for each client.


As a service provider we are aiming to reach the satisfaction of our clients. As a result, we always clear the expectations of our clients and clearly state the possibilities.

Chief investigator

Chief investigator  started his career as the private detective in his early twenties. After some years serving at the military police he established his own private investigators agency in 1998. At the beginning of his career he received the Z.A.D. certificate qualifying him as approved detective in Germany. During the long years of his careers he created the wide network of investigators and search specialists. The strong and proved connections allow him to provide the services for his clients in the whole territory of Germany. The chief investigator has not only national but also international experience. He performed the surveillance in Russia, Madeira, United Kingdom and other countries. 

As the chief investigator he is not only managing the agency but also working on site making sure that his clients receive the best possible result. This is what makes him different if compared to other chief investigators, who mainly are concerned about the managing activities. 

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