Business clients

We provide a variety of services to our business clients who face the problems with their employees as well as the competitors.

In case you suspect your employee is not working properly and not fulfilling his duties the surveillance can help to prove such simulations.

In case your competitors are aiming to steal your know how or use any other illegal actions damaging your  business we can solve this problem and provide the proofs!

The other searches such as property search, address search, financial check, document delivery services and other services may help to solve your problems as well as the problems of your clients.

If the service required is not mentioned here do not hesitate to contact us and we will advice about the possible solutions!

With our business clients we are aiming to have the long term relationship providing professional and discrete services!

Competition check

The competitors may use a variety of illegal actions to steal the know how, overcome the clients or violate the license or patent requirements. Such actions lead not only to the financial losses but also may damage the company or brand image. It is important to prove the illegal actions to be able to protect the company in the legal institutions as well as courts. During our investigations we also cooperate with the client´s lawyers to provide the necessary information and the satisfying result.

We help to collect the proves in case of unfair actions of the competitors or individuals who cause the damage to your company!


The employees who are not fulfilling their duties or cheating on the employer may produce not only the costs but also damage the image of the company. To deal with such problems we provide the services which enable your company to prove the dishonesty of the employees and to take the legal or administrative actions against them.

People who work for you represent the face of your company. Make sure that they are trustful and cope with the cheating in the working place!

Avoid the unnecessary costs damaged image of you company! Take the actions today!

Various checks

We provide a variety of checks for our business clients. It may include the background check, criminal background overview, asset check, address search and many other.

Such checks are important in many cases such as employing new CEO of the company and willing to clear the background of the person, locating the people or their families, looking for the hidden assets  of the individual or the company. Such checks provide the information which may be hidden by the companies or individuals and may be crucial when making important decisions.

If someone wants to hide any inconvenient details, we will clear it for you!

Other services

We provide the tailored services for each of our client. As a result, in each situation we are flexible willing to solve different problems of our clients, even if the case is not standard. As a result do not hesitate to contact us in any other cases which cause problems to your company. 

Other our services may also include insurance cases, claims and disability investigations, witness interviews, vehicle registration/ownership searches, pre-transaction investigations and many other.

Start dealing with problems now and contact us!

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