Personal documents delivery

We provide the personal document delivery services. In case you already tried to use the traditional delivery services and they were not successful or receiver refused to take the letter, contact us - we will help you!

The documents may include divorce, custody, court documents or any other important documentation which needs to be passed directly to the hands of the receiver. 

  • The documents are delivered personally to the receiver
  • The signature of the receiver can be taken in case it is possible and necessary
  • The documentation of the delivery process is possible
  • The additional services such as confirmation of the successful delivery at the notary (underwriting the Affidavit of Service etc.) are available
  • In case the address of the receiver is not known we are also able to find the current living address of the person


Our investigators are experienced in such cases having a very high success rate. We are familiar with all the standard procedures and the documentation which needs to be filled and signed after the successful document delivery.  

Successful! Professional! Fast! Discrete!

These are the key words in our philosophy leading us to the high satisfaction of our clients who hire us to perform the personal document delivery services.

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